Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 18, 2010

Hey fam!
Happy B-DAY D-MANNNNNN!!! Dude, I can't believe that you're going to be 13... Crazy! In six years you´ll be serving a mish! Whoo! I'm going to send a b-day/Christmas package for sure this year. I owe you guys.
Sounds like you guys had a blast in Idaho and Wyoming!! Looks like it too from the pics that Lauren sent me. Awesome! I can't believe how fast my mission is passing... it's really kinda ridiculous actually. The weeks just melt by and I feel like I'm sitting here at the computer every day writing to you, haha! I'm a little bit jealous of all the fun you guys had, but I'll be able to go hang out with ya next year.
He tenido una buena semana aqui en Miguel Grau. I have had a good week here in Miguel Grau. We have five people with a baptismal date. Only one of them is for November, so it's going to be a few awesome weeks for us here. We have Miguel Angel that got married last month to his member wife. They have a beautiful 4 month old baby girl. Miguel is really excited to get baptized and start the journey to marriage in the temple. We also finally have the family of Elder Jay. They are really getting a real testimony of the gospel and will be getting baptized on Halloween. Really it's going to be a very special couple of weeks. We had an awesome week with tons of lessons and lots of success. I love my area. We were walking a couple of weeks ago and we started talking to a guy who is in his sixties or seventies named Carlos. HE is AWESOME. His first week at church was the conference weekend. Taking an investigator to church for the first time on conference weekend can be a little nerve racking because honestly sometimes they get bored... But he loved it and he always applies the things that we talk about to himself and makes changes without anyone needing to tell him. HE has a date for the 13th of November.
I have a great testimony of this Gospel. I know it's true and I'm here to help people be baptized and be cleansed through the reception of the holy ghost. What a blessing it is to be part of such a great cause. I love you family! Keep being awesome!
Love Elder B
Hey mom,
Just so you know. You can come pick me up from the mission when I get done. It would be awesome and we could visit so many cool places and people. But we need to start planning it right now. So let me know so that I can make the necessary preparations with the office. I love you mom! You're the best!

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