Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26, 2011

Hey familia!

First off, I'm really sorry that I'm not very good about writing. It's kinda hard to schedule my time. I have had lots of really cool things happen to me this week. First off, I have a new companion! He is the coolest! His name is Elder Hola! But you have to pronounce the H. He is from Logan! He lived about 5 minutes from Presidente Manning's house haha!! He's a great companion. He even has been to Star Valley!!! His Uncle's family has a cabin up there! It's crazy! We have tons of things in common! I love this guy. We have such awesome unity in everything that we do. He came on Sunday night, then we had changes on Monday morning. They were pretty rocky, but we got them done. Later that day we had the training of the new trainers. I always find that ironic because I have never been a trainer and I have to train them... ha. Then on Tuesday morning we went to pick up the new missionaries at the CCM (MTC). That's one of my favorite parts about this job. So that same day we trained all of the new missionaries. I love their spirits. They are just so excited and full of life. They are so excited about getting into the field but also a little bit scared.

On Wednesday we had to plan a training meeting on Thursday for all the district leaders. That was kinda fun. To answer your question mom, Presidente usually meets with us and tells us what it is that he would like to see in the meeting, then we go and make an agenda with all the stuff that he wants. We send it to him for revision and we make the necessary changes. We plan it all with his guidance, but we help him teach everything. Very rarely does he want to teach something alone. We participate a lot. President, my companion and I, we pretty much give it the three way punch with everything we do. It can be stressful but I really like doing it.

Something made me feel good the other day. We were looking at Presidente's board with all the missionaries there. On all the cards president puts different colored stickers to help him remember things, like pink means they are going to have a change, green they are new Etc... I was explaining that to my companion and I said blue means that they are going home soon, like the one on my card... I didn't really mean to say that, it was just the first one that I saw. Sister Manning was there and she kinda hit me and said, "We we´re going to take that sticker off! Then President said you could leave but then just keep showing up and we wouldn't say anything." I thought that was kinda funny. I'm trying to get the most out of these last few months.

My companion and I set someone else with a date this week! His name is Ronald. We taught him a few times with Elder Cahui but now he has a baptismal date for the 30th of July. His sister is also amazing and has been coming to church for a really long time and wants to get baptized but her mom won't let her. Maybe if her older brother gets baptized she will let Ana Lucia do it to. We are really working hard with them.

I had a neat experience this last week as well with president. There was a sick sister here in the office. He called me over and asked me to give her a blessing with him. He asked me to annoint her and then he gave her a blessing. It was a great experience for me. I think that's the first time that I have given a blessing with Presidente. I really appreciated that experience.

I am liking this job a lot. It's really hard and stressful but I really do love it. I'm learning a lot and I'm developing so many skills that will be useful to me forever. I love this church, because I know that it's from God and that it's his church.

Please take care family! I love you all a ton!

Love Elder B

Ha that halo story is awesome! Man I'm going to miss you all on the 4th! Can't believe it's my last one. Mom can I buy a guitar? With President Mannning's blessing!

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