Monday, July 18, 2011

July 8, 2011

Hey family!
Well I sure hope that you are all having quite the week! I hope your time in Star Valley has been great. My time here in Peru is the best. I love the crazy world here with all the people and all the noise. The people are so great. I have had several fun experiences this week. We had a multi-zone activity in my old zone Villa el Salvador. We had a lot of fun playing soccer, volleyball and dodge ball with about 50 missionaries. President brought the grill and made all of us hot dogs. Sister Manning made us some way good brownies. They looked a lot like Bear Lake mud cake! It was good!!!
My companion and I are struggling a little in our area. We don't know it very well and we have little time to be there. We baptized the majority of our investigators because we don't always have time to look for new ones but we are finding some really good new people. The Lord provides! Yesterday we had a zone leader council. That's when all the zone leaders come in and we have a few hours to talk about a lot of things that are happening in the mission. We have 246 people with a baptismal date in the mission as of last Sunday! All of them are for the month of July. That number will have risen this week! We are doing great as a mission! We are getting so much better every month. I'm so proud of all that they are doing! We have an investigator with a date his name is Ronald. He is a good kid and we are helping him to make it to church so that he can progress. Please pray for him.
I'm sending some pics because I haven't been able to send any for a long time. I still don't have the pics from Sister Giovana or Sister Lourdes. I'll have to get them from our ward mission leader. I'll have to send those next week. I'm sending some from my visit to Ayacucho. I took some from the plane. I'm not sure that I was supposed to do that but i did! The other one is Elder Cahui and I in the hotel in Chincha. I'm going to send you some pics next week of our room that we lived in and where we live now. It's pretty crazy!
Well family I sure love you a lot! Thanks for all that you do! Don't forget to send me pics of your fun in SVR!! I love you fam! Thanks for your prayers!

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