Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16, 2011

Hey family!
Wow am I busy! I'm really sorry that I haven't been writing much. Sometimes it's kinda hard to find time. I don't really get a P-day. We take time when we get it! Sometimes we get to go out and do stuff but not often. We usually only have time to clean our room and go to the grocery store ¡Fun! When we do get a p-day it's just a random day usually.

Last week we were in Nazca! It was pretty fun. That's where they have the Nazca lines. If you're not sure what that is you could look up Nazca lines on google and you´ll probably recognize it. We didn't get to do any sight seeing or anything like that but it was fun just to be there.
Well, I didn't get to go to the sealing of Iber and Chabela... Because i was in Nazca. I had to be there for a conference. That was a real bummer, but the Whitney's told me that it went really well. I was really happy about that. I think that Arevalo and Sara are going to the temple the 8th of July! I'm stoked!
Ok here in our area, Surquillo, we have two surprises!!! We went to visit an old investigator named Giovana that they had been visiting a couple months ago. We talked with her and she said "so when do you guys think that I can get baptized?" We sat there with our mouths open for a few seconds. Then she said "I would really like to get baptized on the 20th if that's ok?" Well that was the first time that I had to tell an investigator that we needed to go home and think about it and see if her baptismal date was too soon... We decided after praying about it that it's just fine! She is an awesome person, she already has been living the commandments and she has gone to church before. She will be getting baptized this Monday! She has been one of THE most prepared people that I have ever met on my mission. She is incredible! She is the head of the marketing department for the biggest newspaper in Peru. She runs a team of about 230 people. She's busy, but she makes time for us and she turns off the phone and all interruptions to listen. It's been pretty amazing.
The other surprise! Hermana Lourdes! She has been the opposite of Hermana Giovana. They had been teaching her for 3 months before I got here, so now we have been teaching her for about 4 1/2 months. I asked her the other day "how do you feel about baptism?" We were feeling a little frustrated with her because we didn't know what to teach. She knows everything and just didn't feel ready. But she said "well I finally feel prepared." We just about fell off our seats! She wants to get baptized on Sunday I think. So we went from not having anyone with a date to having two people in the same week. That's what you call a miracle! Even though we aren't in our area very much and we don't have the same game-plan as other missionaries, the Lord still provides us with prepared people.
This week we are really busy. This week changes are coming up. We have lots to do helping President with everything. There are lots of things to take into account. It's a real blessing to be with him. He receives so much revelation it's incredible! Sometimes he receives answers that he's not sure why, but then later we realize that it was for a wise purpose from the Lord. I love this work. I know it's His.
Oh hey you asked me about Elder Martin right. Well I was his first Zone leader in San Gabriel. haha. He is a great missionary. Right now he is a Zone Leader in a place called Pisco. He's a good friend of mine. Kind of funny how small the world is huh.
Sorry I haven't sent pics. My camera has a virus. I'm not quite sure how to kill it still.
Well fam I love you a ton! Sorry I'm not sure when I'll be able to write to you all again. Next week will be crazy too, lots of training and stuff! It's exciting but kinda stressful too. I love you a ton!
Love Elder Bearnson
Mom my painting is done! Its just drying thoroughly then they will bring it to me! Elder Brinton says it's pretty sweet. I sure hope so. I'm kinda wanting to buy some cool stuff here before I go home. What do you think? Im just not sure when I'll be able to come back. I'm kinda thinking about a guitar and maybe some other stuff like that. I love you mom! You guys can write me whenever. I'm just not sure when I'll be able to reply.

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