Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 7, 2011

Hey fam!

Asu! It's freezing back home! I told my companion how cold it was and
he said "and they're alive". I can't ever remember a time when it was
that cold. It's super hot here. I'm kinda missing the cold weather. I
want to see snow again. It's so hot right now, the pulgas (fleas) are
eating me alive... My ankles are all torn up... it's not too fun. The
pulgas come out in force when it gets hot. They live in the sand and I
walk in the sand all day so there is not much I can do about them. We
always see poor dogs that live in the street and pretty much have no
hair because they have scratched it all off because of their fleas. I'm
not very happy about sharing their fleas, but its getting better. I'm
showering twice a day and its helping, a little.

We have some wicked sweet investigators right now. we only have one
with a date in February right now but we have four more in March. The
majority of them are progressing really well. I'm rerally happy about
it and we are feeling good. This past month of January we passed the
record high for the whole year of 2010 in our zone so we just need to
keep trucking and we´ll have a really great year. I can't tell you how
much I love my companion. He is the best really. It's so much fun to be
his companion. We are working super hard and getting the job done. He
is helping me a ton. Probably the best missionary in the world, haha.

Elder Campos and I looked for a reference that we had received and
when we got there he wasn't home... so we went and knocked a door they
weren't home either, but when we left the house we saw a family of a
husband and wife and their little boy taking a walk. We walked up to
them and started a conversation. Turns out the man is Peruvian but
has been living in Colombia for 10 years. His wife is from Colombia
and they recently moved here together with their son. We talked to
them a little about families and took out an appointment. Yesterday
my companion and a member went to their appointment while I went with
another member to go to a couple other appointments. My companion said
that they are a family of gold! He invited them to be baptized in the
first lesson and they both accepted. They also have plans to get
married. They are really interested in our message and want to know
much more. They are awesome. The Lord does things in such small and
wonderful ways. Maybe he gave us that reference just so that we would
find this family. Who knows.

One thing that I love about being a zone leader, is that I get to meet
with the Stake President every month and talk about how the work is
going in the stake. Yesterday, Elder Campos, President Manning and I
went to talk to President Morocho, our Stake President. It's a really
great experience to be able to talk to and work with the leaders in
the mission. I really enjoy the opportunity. I'm learning alot about
what I want for my family in the future, and lots of leadership
skills from them.

Ah man Josh broke his hand? Bummer dude. Right or left? How many
bones? You think you can beat me? I hope not. I had 18 stitches 7
screws and 2 plates... Hope you just need pins... That's really lame
that you can't play lacrosse... sorry buddy.

Good luck with your science project D-man. I love you fam! you're the best!
Good luck at Districts sis! Have fun

Love Elder B

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