Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011

¡Hola mamà y familia!

Mamà està hablando español jaja. Mom your speaking Spanish! Spanish is
really fun, I like it a lot. I'm gonna have to look for a job where I can
use it! Tooty won! Awesome! Sorry I can't be there to watch! I
have a couple of appointments that day;) but Il'l be rooting for you!
And that's awesome news for Frank and the Mailes! D-line coach for the Aggies!
I know he was working hard to find something. That's awesome that
he is on the staff officially now.

I hope that everything goes well for Lindsey and Austin. Sounds like
the economy is doing rough... I see the dollar dropping all the
time... When I got here it was above 3 soles to the dollar and now its
around 2.70.

My comp and I are working our little missionary tails off! We made it
through changes and neither one of us is going. That means that I'm
going to kill him! That's missionary terms for being with a missionary
until the end. This is his last change in the mish. He's going home the
29th of March. We will all miss him cause he's the bomb. There is
still lots of work to do until the end! We have 4 people with a date
for March. They are Braulio, Claudia, Nancy and Max. Please pray for
them! They need your help. Braulio especially needs your prayers! He's
an eternal investigator. That's when they have been listening to the
missionaries for years and years and they don't get baptized. He pays
tithing and goes to church everyweek but hasn't got wet yet... But he
has a date for the 5th. Pray for him please! Your prayers will help

This week we found a ton of new investigators! Two or three families!
In total we had 16 new investigators! Awesome! The Lord has blessed us
so much! We have a baptism this week of a girl named Silvia. She is
the daughter of a recent convert. It's been kind of a rough journey
with her because she is so reserved. It always looks like she isn't
paying attention or just doesn't care what it is that we are saying but
then we ask her and she knows everything. She actually recieved her
testimony in a really cool way. My companion gave her a Liahona from
the April conference with the talk about gratitude from President Monson.
She said that she read it and felt the need to be more grateful. She
just looks happier now. As she was reading it she said that she felt
like his words shook her. She's ready and will be baptized on Saturday.

We also found a lady named Nancy. She has had a very hard life. When she
had five children from the ages of 9 to four months her husband left
her and never came back. She also lost her daughter to suicide last
year. She has had a very hard life and an even harder last few months,
but we are going to help her. She's gonna make it to happiness.
I love you family so much!

Love elder B

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