Monday, August 16, 2010

August 8, 2010

Hey family how ya doin! Sounds like everything is going pretty well back in good ol Colorado. Z man stared school huh, awesome! I can't believe that he is a seventh grader! I remember when I was a seventh grader in Mr Heaston's class too. Tell him hi for me from Peru!
Fruity I bet you're pretty excited and probably a bit nervous though too. Are you gonna have M.s Paula for your speech class! Awesome!
So this week was pretty sweet. We had a couple of service projects that we had to take some extra time to finish. Some of my good buddies elder Brinton and Elder Martinez work in the area right next to ours and they have a lady that couldn't leave her house because every time she left, people would break into her house and steal all of her stuff. We put in a new door jam and a new lock and it's pretty sweet. I'm pretty sure that the jam is made out of hickory wood. You wanna know why I think so? Because when you saw it, it smells just like hickory smoked beef jerky!! haha. Needless to say I liked sawing it! She went to church yesterday and it was awesome!
I have another medical problem. My back is pretty messed up. I'm now having to go to the chiropractor and fix a vertebral rotation that is messing everything up. The very lowest vertebre in my back is pretty rotated and its causing the curves in my back to get all outta whack. My left hip is also a full centimeter higher that the other. I tried to just ignore it but Elder Brinton told on me to Sister Manning so I decided to go after talking to her. Nothing serious but thought that I would let you know.
Mom you asked me a couple of my responsibilities as a Zone Leader. Well we are in charge of the well being of our zone. If there is a problem they talk to their district leader and if it can't be fixed they talk to us. We have to take care of all their letters and packages and get everything that has to do with communication taken care of. We do visits to the other elders and spend a day working with them. If a district leader and his companion have a baptism we are in charge of interviewing them and seeing if they are prepared. We have to work with the stake president and the high priest in charge of the missionary work of the stake. So right now we have two stake presidents and two high priests to work with. Last night we had a little meeting with all the ward missionaries and mission leaders for the stake. Doesn't sound like much but it sure fills up the time. It's rough finding time to work with investigators sometimes!
We have some really great investigators right now that we are working really hard with. Ones name in Beatriz, she has her date on the 21st. She's about 55 or around there and is the grandma of a really big family. Pray for her!
Thanks fam! I'm about outta time! I sure do love you! Keep being strong!
Love elder B

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