Monday, August 16, 2010

Aug 16, 2010

Hey family! How's it going!

What a week i have had... So I'm going to the chiropractor 3 times a week. It's lame cause it takes so much time and I'm not a fan of wasting time. My doc is from Australia. It's really fun to talk to him with all of his funny Australian words. He used the very scientific term when talking about my back "we´ve got to unjim the jimmed joints" I thought that was pretty funny haha. His Spanish is hilarious. Just think, Spanish with an Australian accent haha awesome!

So, I was taking some money out of the ATM and took it out and was trying to do some math in my head but didn't take my card out right away and just as I was about to take it out... yea it ate it! I lost my patience a little bit... so I called the bank and they told me that I had to cancel it... one more awesome thing to take care of! I don't have my social number, I have an idea but it's been a long time since I used it and it's not really a good thing to guess about! haha so if you could find that out and help me out that would be awesome. Sorry that you got a call from president... you have talked to a lot of people in Peru haven't you... sorry. As for what I have been spending it on... um Sometimes I don't have quite enough so I take some out. I was still helping some people get married about 4 months ago, so there went some. I helped Elder Brinton buy a jacket cause he was freezing. It was a real one so it wasn't cheap. I have had to buy blankets cause there weren't any when I got here. Stuff like sweaters and pics. I have been helping Elder Brinton with a service project too. Basically laying some cement and putting up a brick wall and new door frame. I just haven't been worrying about it much. I'm not too worried about spending it on helping people. I figure I'm just trying to follow my patriarchal blessing. But it would be awesome if you could take some out and put it in something that could make it grow a little. I dunno what that would be but if you have some ideas go for it. I will be more careful with what I'm buying.

So awesome to hear about Tooty! Sounds like she is having a blast so far in Idaho! I figured she was going to be a big new asset to the team. She'll be able to teach them lots. ZACH TAKE SOME ADVICE FROM YOU BROTHER. DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND PLAY SPORTS. DON'T PLAY SO MUCH HALO. YOU'LL REGRET PLAYING AND WASTING YOUR TIME LATER. I wasted a lot of time playing video games and could have got much better grades and done some really cool stuff with my time. But I didn't and now I regret it.

Ok so this week went pretty good as far as investigators go. we have one lady named Beatriz that has a date for this Saturday. I hope she makes it. She is a really cool lady, and once she is baptized it will open the door for the rest of her family. Pray hard for her and all of her family please! Elder Jays mom. We are teaching her as well but wow it's hard. Understandably she just wants to talk about him. That makes it very hard to teach. She is really cool and will be getting baptized. We just have to make sure she is doing it for herself and not for her son.

Its pretty darn cold here some days. It's always foggy and overcast. Elder Xicay and I have a bet that the first one of us to use a sweater has to buy the other a pizza... not sure if betting like that's a good thing, but I want him to buy me a pizza ha. It doesn't get down to freezing but its still cold and its colder because its so humid. My old suit (oh yea other thing I bought a new suit but it was only fifty bucks...) started growing mold after only about a week of being hung up. So i had to send that out to get washed. Its just really really humid here.

So that's about all there is to it this week. Somethings that maybe you can send me are: some good insoles for my shoes. I wore through the ones on my first pair and stole them out of my other shoes. I'm going to keep using these shoes till my toes come out the bottom and then I'll use the others. Could you send me a hat, like my Utah state hat to wear on P-days. That and beef jerky would be awesome! Nothing else though. Thanks fam you're all the best! Have an awesome time in Marsh Valley sis! I love you all!

Love elder Bearnson

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