Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010

Hey momma!
Sounds like everything is scootin along just fine at home. How does Fruity get an ulcer on her eye..? Weird. This week was a week of some very high highs and a very low low.. we got to go to the Temple on Thursday, that was awesome! I left feeling more uplifted than I ever before had in the Temple. We also got all the papers ready for a family that will be getting married this next week! We had the baptisms of Josè Mamani Lozano and his little sister this weekend. The baptism of Jose went fine, but the baptism of Azucena, no. She was not able to be baptized this week. Hopefully this next week. Some things happened that made it impossible. But she is ok and everyone is alright. I know that God is real. He is watching us and knows our needs and desires. I know that his power is more real than anything else. If it wasn't real and if this church wasn't true everything would be easy. It's easy to follow the wrong path, it's well traveled. You have to look for the path less taken, the right path. It hasn't been walked quite as much. I know that He is leading us and guiding us through the power of the holy ghost. He loves us and wants us to be happy sometimes we pass through trials and we don't know why. Sometimes it's difficult to understand but it's always for our good. I love all of you and hope that everything is good for you all! Keep being good. Look for the right path, if we pray for it He´ll lead us to it. Stay strong and stand tall in low places. We can make it.
Love elder B

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